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3X ROAS - Helping Nudra go from burning money to making 3 times profit with FB ads

Nudra - A Silver Jewelry Ecommerce company were struggling with ads & break even.

Even with great products and a solid brand tone, Nudra was unable to get sales.

After initial brand audit, we realized the problem was an absence of sales funnel, getting website visitors back and making them hit the "Purchase button"

So here is how team salt led them to a path of 3x Profitability:

  • Creative testing: The most crucial part of any ad campaign. We tested out different angles such as Skits, Benefit, scarcity offers etc. at a low budget, observed it for few days and started scaling what worked best. This helped us maintain the budget and get the best analysis.

  • Funnel and Retargeting: After decent traffic on the website, we started retargeting website visitors, ATC (Add-to carts), etc. with personalized messages and discount. This is where all the magic happened.

  • Upsell: We increased the AOV with upselling similar products & bundles at the time of purchase. Retention of customers was also made possible through WhatsApp & email marketing.

Key points:

Amount spent: ₹1,22,450 ($1500) Revenue: ₹3,84,000 ($4690)


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