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How we helped "The WOD - Crossfit" make ₹4,00,000 from ₹30,000 in 60 days

Here is how we scaled up The WOD's FB & Instagram campaigns to add more Gym membership

WOD is a crossfit box based in the extremely famous Film city road of Mumbai (Home to world famous celebrities). With celebrity clients already at hand, they wanted to add more subscriptions without compromising their brand identity.

We generated High quality leads which later their front desk contacted.

Targeting people residing within a 1-mile radius of the gym, we generated more than 770 leads for the gym, with a 13% conversion rate. total revenue was ₹4,00,000. Thus a ROAS of 8x.

For every ₹1 spent, WOD made ₹8


Here are the results we achieved for our client:

Total ad spend: ₹27,000

Radius: 1 mile of the gym

Number of leads generated: 770+

Conversion rate: 13%

Revenue generated: ₹4,00,000

If you wish to acheive same numbers & scale your own gym,

Power in Numbers




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