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Scaling to $8,000 in Sales with $2,500 Ad Spend - How We Helped Yazzii increase ROI of campaigns

How we helped Yazzi scale to $8000/month profitably

Yazzii is a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable craft storage globally. Their bags are exclusively designed for crafters and travelers. Despite their reputation for quality products, Yazzii was struggling to find the right audience and create content that would convert.

They partnered with salt to increase sales through Meta and Google ads

Our approach to addressing Yazzii's marketing challenges included:

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns: We created targeted ad campaigns to reach Yazzii's ideal audience, including crafters and travelers. Our ad campaigns were optimized to drive traffic to the Yazzii website and convert them.

  • Compelling Ad Creative: To capture the attention of our targeted audience, we created ad creative that showcased the unique features and benefits of Yazzii's products. Our ad creative included images and videos that highlighted the functionality and convenience of Yazzii's portable craft storage solutions.

  • Optimization and Scaling: We continuously monitored and optimized Yazzii's ad campaigns to ensure that they were performing at their best. We also scaled successful campaigns to reach a larger audience and drive more conversions.

  • Upselling: Upselling was a big part of Yazzi's ad campaigns. Upselling low ticket products at the time of purchasing was the key to scale their ads profitably.

The results of our campaign for Yazzii Crafts and Bags were impressive:

  • Ad Spend: $2,500

  • Revenue Generated: $8,000

  • ROAS: 3.2x

  • Decreased CAC by 54%

  • Increased total volume by 25% in 90 days

Yazzii was able to reach their ideal audience with compelling ad creative that drove conversions and resulted in a strong ROAS.

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